Who is S.T.O.P.?

We are a group of men and women who, since 1996, have been Standing Together to Oppose Pornography. Membership is non-discriminatory and open to anyone who supports our mission statement and objectives.

OUR objectives include:

To educate and create awareness on the dangers of both adult and child pornography.

To facilitate the establishment of support groups and counselling services for the increasing number of addicts and victims of pornography.

To achieve the reduction and effective control of pornography in our country by lobbying and assisting government at all levels to formulate appropriate legislation.

To investigate and promote means by which broadcasters (TV and radio) can be professionally advised to ensure programme content is compatible with the Code of Conduct of the Broadcast Act.

To contribute to a meaningful reduction in the increase of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

To encourage research at post-graduate level on the effects of pornography in South Africa.

To encourage and assist communities to be pro-active in opposing pornography in their own areas.

To bring economic pressure to bear on the porn industry by discouraging the marketing of pornography in “family” outlets, e.g. cafes, video stores.

To support efforts to eradicate the making and marketing of child pornography including the easily accessed Internet child porn.

SOME of our ACTIONS – past & ongoing:

Creating awareness by means of talks to both adults and young people (mainly church-affiliated organisations and youth groups) and radio [C.C.F.M., Radio Pulpit, Cape Talk, Voice of the Cape (Moslem)].

Promoting “Family Friendly” stores.

Making successful representations to national “family” chain-stores to cease stocking certain porn-type men’s magazines.

Providing moral and logistical support for the S.A. Police Child Protection Unit (C.P.U), in Mitchell’s Plain.

Giving oral presentations and written submissions to local government re limiting & controlling adult premises (“Sex Shops”).

Presenting a paper at the National Conference on the Sexual Exploitation of Children (March 1999).

Setting up a Police Training Workshop on implementing the Films and Publications Act, on behalf of the C.P.U., Mitchell’s Plain. (Nov 1999).

Serving on the steering committee of the Film and Publication Board National Workshop for Combating Child Pornography Through Effective Law Enforcement (May 2000).

Making written submissions including the public hearings on the Sexual Abuse of Children set up under the direction of a Parliamentary Task Group (11 – 13 March 2002).

Attending and contributing a written submission to the public hearings on the Sexual Abuse of Children set up by Government under the direction of a Parliamentary Task Group (11 – 13 March 2002).

Writing letters to the press and contributing to articles in daily and community newspapers.

Initiating the establishment of a Support Group for victims of pornography.

Taking part in public protests.

Establishing a good working relationship with the Department of Home Affairs who have responsibility for the Films and Publications Act and the Film and Publication Board.

Presenting, by invitation of the Film and Publication Board, a paper on “ The Harmful Effects of Adult Pornography on Children “ at the National Child Pornography Conference in Port Elizabeth June 2005. ‘Porn and its effects on children’