Basic scans for porn on your computer

In order to help you quickly check if there is already pornography on your computer we have compiled a set of instructions to help you scan for porn (Windows only). Click here >>

Contact numbers
We have compiled a list of useful contact people. This list includes the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, Film and Publications Board and other useful contacts. For more information click here

Understanding addiction and help for the addict, parent and spouses/partners:
– “When a man’s eye wanders. Breaking the power of pornography.” By Jeff Olsen., “When we just can’t stop”, “Designed for Desire” and “When Help is Needed”

Internet Resources

XXX Church

K9 Web Protection

Covenant Eyes

Porn Harms

Husband Addicted?

Setting Captives Free

Protect Kids

Free Addiction Help

Christian Help

Pure Hope

Additional resources:

“An Affair Of The Mind” by Laurie Hall (Tyndale, 1996)

For more reading material contact: Recovery Books

Help for Christian addicts
Some thoughts to share with Christians struggling with pornography Click here >>